Miss Arab 2010

Jennifer Chahoud
Jennifer Chahoud

Jennifer Chahoud was born in Chicago IL, of Lebanese descent. On November 6th, 2010 Jennifer was crowned the very first Miss Arab USA winner, in Chandler Arizona.

Her Parents were born and raised in Lebanon. She has 2 older brothers and an older sister. She is the youngest of 4. She's a very strong-willed woman and also stays true to her values and morals. Jennifer is Majoring in Psychology (pre-med) in the hopes of graduating from medical school and becoming a Psychiatrist. She hopes to own her own clinic one day and work with children with disorders such as autism, Asperger’s, and OCD. Jennifer believes that children are our future and in order to prepare them for the world we must encourage them to stay educated and be true to themselves. Jennifer is bilingual, speaking Arabic and English.

Jennifer is an avid reader and loves to travel and well as spending time with her family and loved ones. She says “I Love to laugh and make each day a Memory to look back on”. She enjoys cooking for herself and her family, as well as creating her own recipes and trying new things that bring her inspiration. “I believe food can make anyone’s day better!”. Chahoud says she has been dancing since she was 6 years old, Hip-hop and Belly Dance are her favorite. She also practiced Ballet and Jazz. One of her passions is singing as well.

Jennifer is a part of The Maronite Youth Association for St. Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church and is also a member of the Lebanese Club at Arizona State University. Their Mission: “We try our best to keep our community together by establishing a name for ourselves in Arizona.”

These are just a few examples of why she is wearing the crown and is unique in representing all the Arab women in The United States.

Jennifer’s goal as Miss Arab USA is to bring a brighter image for all Arabs around the world, to represent Arab women in the highest light, the true image, educated and intelligent, Caring, kind and humble. Jennifer strives to improve and promote diversity by showing American Society just how Essential Arab American Culture is.