Miss Arab 2023

Farah Abu Adeela

Farah Abu Adeela, a Jordanian immigrant from Chicago IL, was crowned MISS ARAB USA on July 15th, 2023.

Farah was born in Jordan to a middle-class family who was going through a rough financial situation when she came to life, she grew up knowing that she was responsible for getting whatever she wanted without help.

Farah never knew what impossible meant, she was always a giver even when she had nothing to give, she is stubborn and will create something big out of nothing. Farah was always on the honor board in school just for her polite behavior, and she was a volunteer with the “We Are Jordan Organization” which is a youth organization in Jordan that does community charity. Farah is an athlete who was a member of the sports team in school and joined the cycling national team in Jordan for 5 years as well as the boxing national team for 3 years. Farah became a model when she was 16 as she walked for big brands of national and international designers. She graduated high school with no chance of college because of her financial situation so she became a flight attendant with a big commercial airline to be able to see the world and to get a chance to go to school. Farah graduated from Petra University in Jordan with a bachelor of Translation (English-Arabic).
She was promoted to a private jet flight attendant with a Saudi corporation in 2021 and during the pandemic, Farah decided to move to the USA and worked as a leasing agent and a translator while she was getting classes in health care management. Currently, she is a manager with a health corporation in Chicago. Farah has a career that she loves now and she still joins big fashion shows, she is still an athlete who doesn’t skip the gym, and although she knows that she achieved a lot so far compared to where she started, she still believes that this is just the beginning.