Miss Arab 2024

Zenovia Jafar

Zenovia Jafar, a 27-year-old of Iraqi descent, was crowned Miss Arab USA on June 29th, 2024.

Zenovia, the second youngest of nine siblings, originated from Iraq and embarked on a new life journey in the United States at the age of three. Despite the significant move, Zenovia's cultural roots remained deeply ingrained in her, thanks to her mother's dedication to teaching her how to read and write in Arabic at home. This foundation of linguistic and cultural education has been a cornerstone of Zenovia's identity.
Zenovia pursued higher education at Michigan State University, where she not only excelled academically but also discovered her passion for content creation. Post-college, she ventured into the world of social media, utilizing her platforms to share her diverse interests, including makeup, fashion, and travel.
However, Zenovia's influence extends beyond lifestyle content. Recognizing the power of her platform, she has consistently advocated for various social issues, raising awareness and mobilizing her audience to take action. Her commitment to philanthropy is evident through numerous successful fundraising initiatives. Zenovia and her followers have raised significant amounts of money on several occasions to help those who are less fortunate. This remarkable feat is a testament to Zenovia's ability to inspire and lead her community toward meaningful change.
Zenovia cherishes her free time as a sanctuary, embracing the passions that bring her true joy. Whether she's playing the piano or embarking on spontaneous adventures to new destinations, each moment fills her with happiness. And during quieter times, you'll often find her lost in thought, writing heartfelt poetry. Each verse is a window into her soul, a reflection of the profound emotions and deep connection she holds to her culture and life experiences.
In her pursuit of the Miss Arab USA crown, Zenovia envisions a reign defined by service and empowerment. Should she ascend to this esteemed title, she vows to amplify her voice, leveraging her platforms to uplift the less fortunate, celebrate the richness of Arab culture, and inspire young women to embrace their culture with pride.
With unwavering determination and boundless compassion, Zenovia stands poised to be not just a beauty queen but a beacon of change, casting light upon the world and leaving an indelible mark on hearts far and wide.