Media Crew

We would like to dedicate this page in special thanks, and appreciation for all our media crew members, for the great work they have done over the past years.

 We appreciate their support and compassion for what we do.

Title Holders

Meet Our Queens
Zenovia Jafar

Miss Arab 2024

Farah Abu Adeela

Miss Arab 2023

Marwa Lahlou

Miss Arab 2022

Iya Agha

Miss Arab 2019-20

Inas Alawam

Miss Arab 2018

Baian Taleb

Miss Arab 2016-17

Fabiola Al-Ibrahim

Miss Arab 2015

Guinwa Zeineddine

Miss Arab 2014

Mindy Mohamed

Miss Arab 2013

Suzanne Ziad

Miss Arab 2012

Christina Rafidia

Miss Arab 2011

Jennifer Chahoud

Miss Arab 2010

Title Holders